Candidates: Professional women. Nashville focused.


At Versher, we seek highly-qualified candidates looking for various work environments. Rather than focusing on a specific industry, we focus on the the individual. While we founded Versher with women in mind, we welcome men, retirees or any experienced professional who values our mission of work-life balance.  

Whether you’re looking for full-time, project-based or permanent part-time, Versher is here to help. We work with Nashville’s leading employers to find mutually beneficial placements. You bring the talent, we find the opportunity that fits. 


Our Expectations

At Versher, we aim to connect highly qualified candidates with meaningful work experiences. A typical Versher candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and must have worked full-time for a minimum of 5 years. 

The Versher Process

We make it easy to join the Versher network!
  1. Submit your candidate profile
  2. Versher will connect with you to schedule a private consultation
  3. Be an active participant in your employment matching process

Personal & Professional Development

We’re more than a staffing agency. At Versher, we’re committed to helping you find rewarding and stimulating employment. We can further help you balance your personal and professional goals by connecting you with career consultants and other industry specialists. At Versher we support and advocate for you.