Employers: Connecting professional women to the Nashville workplace.


What You Can Expect

At Versher, we take a calculated and individualized approach when matching candidates with you, our client. We strive to know your business, your culture, your language, your workspace. We believe the person makes and represents the profession. Each individual on your team is an extension of you. 

As a result, we work to gain a deep understanding of the company culture and core values as well as the required skills and competencies for the position being offered. We work closely with our candidates to define their professional goals. Our mission is to ensure a placement that is mutually beneficial.

A typical Versher candidate:

  • Holds a Bachelor’s or Post-Graduate Degree (99% of individuals in our talent pool have a bachelor’s degree, 30% with an advanced degree)

  • Has a minimum of 5 years professional experience (average individual has 8-10 years of experience)

  • Has been carefully vetted and is well-informed

  • Is flexible and adaptable

  • Looks for full-time, permanent part-time, or project-based opportunities (94% are currently active in the workforce)

The Versher Process

We make it easy for employers to join the Versher network!
  1. or complete the Versher job specification sheet
  2. Versher will connect with you to schedule a consultation
  3. Review resumes, conduct interviews & extend an offer

We Guarantee our Candidates

Our role doesn’t end when we place a Versher candidate with your company. We are available throughout the life of the contract, ensuring complete client and candidate satisfaction. We believe success is built through open communication, feedback, and mutual dedication. While we match only top-level candidates with our clients, you can rest assured knowing that your decision is backed by a 60-day replacement guarantee.