Who We Are. 

Versher Leadership

We are highly determined, driven and competitive women who wish to help change the landscape for working individuals in Nashville. We are sixth and third generation Nashville natives who, combined, have over 50 years of expertise in recruiting, healthcare, sales and marketing, light industrial, entrepreneurship, education, and hospitality. We look forward to bringing a unique perspective to the marketplace and will continuously strive to exceed our clients’ and candidates’ expectations through diligent placement.


Halle Hayes, Co-Founder

Halle is a sixth generation Nashville native who recently returned to her hometown after several years in Chicago. With over 15 years of award-winning experience in healthcare sales, marketing, and customer relations, with companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100, Halle looks forward to helping Versher grow. Prior to entering the healthcare market, Halle spent several years in New York with Condé Nast Publications.

When the opportunity arose to move back to Nashville, she didn't think twice. For the very first time, however, Halle’s career transitioned from full-time corporate go-getter to full-time mom. She loves spending time with her children, however, as a fiercely driven individual she yearned for a place to utilize her 17 years of expertise, experience, and success in a capacity where she and an organization could be mutually rewarded, while still making soccer games and school functions. Unable to find such a professional home, Halle decided to create it.

In her free time, Halle enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, traveling, live music and discovering Nashville again after 20 years of living away.

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Catherine Carson Hayes, Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Versher, Catherine spent over a decade as a Speech-language Pathologist in Nashville. She built a successful full-time career centered around her desire to help people and make a difference. 

Through her work in the healthcare and educational sectors, Catherine found herself in many roles ranging from liaison to planning and oversight to management and diagnostics. These roles fostered a valuable set of skills which now lend a unique perspective on recruitment and staffing. Catherine brings an analytic eye to Versher that marries her background in assessment, service integration, and communication with her passion for building partnerships through advocacy, collaboration, and due diligence. 

Catherine enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys; whether it be eating good food, traveling, or going to live music and sporting events. Catherine is excited and proud to be a part of the Versher team as it leads the Nashville movement in work versatility.

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Mary Pillow Thompson, Co-Founder

Mary Pillow, a third generation Middle Tennessean, comes from a sales background beginning with selling books door to door with The Southwestern Company in college. Utilizing both her sales and her fluency in French, she moved to Paris and began a career in footwear sales and manufacturing. From Paris to Toronto in the footwear industry and trips to The Far East, Mary Pillow learned first hand international business, the processes of manufacturing product overseas, shipping that product and delivering on time to the shelves of the retailer. Seeing an opening in the Nashville marketplace, she opened her own shoe store. Knowing the struggles that small businesses face has given Mary Pillow a passion for supporting locally owned operations. From her shoe store to a local jewelry store, Mary Pillow found herself in the people business: learning how to service them, solve crises and ensure the end result was a happy customer who returned year after year.

Believing that all great ideas are born out of frustration, Mary Pillow, unable to transition into a job where the hours were greater than part-time but flexible, teamed up with Halle and Catherine to create a solution. She enjoys cooking for friends, trying out Nashville’s great restaurants, being outside every moment she can, and spending quality time with her husband and sons.

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