International Women's Day....what is it? why did it start? where are we now?


Did you know that IWD started in the early 1900's? Long before the political drama of today, women were fighting the system over equal pay, voting rights and reduced working hours. Did you know that 15,000 women took to the streets of Manhattan in 1908 to bring an awareness to these issues? It was never about political parties, blue states, red states or poll numbers, but about the recognition that women matter. We are equally as important. We are equally as talented. We are to be equally respected. 

It's 2017 and we have the technology for driver-less cars and McMansions on Mars. And yet, 100 years since that first march in New York, the fight for equal pay and the need for greater flexibility in our work-life balance is still the same. 

Since 1913 , March 8th has been declared International Women's Day and is celebrated around the globe; the accomplishments and achievements of women everywhere are celebrated. I am reminded of the mission of my all-girls high school: teaching girls to Think Critically, to Lead Confidently, and to Live Honorably. 

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