Retaining Female Employees: How?

Ran across this article posted last week (July 10, 2018), which followed an earlier article on the importance of hiring women. I will post a link to the entire article below, but here are some highlights:

  • Flexibility in the work schedule! Duh, we talk about this daily as we seek to enlighten employers to the large percentage of women that would choose flexibility over a pay raise. 
  • Offering benefits that cater to women-- even the ability to work from home when children are out of school or home sick. See above in Flexibility!
  • Structuring the compensation package based on Results rather than Office-Face-Time. This eliminates the gender pay-gap and holds everyone accountable to their duties and responsibilities. It also means that if you are achieving results working from home, then it shouldn't matter. See above in Flexibility! 
  • Promoting Women into leadership roles. Put simply, it can lead to an increase in net revenues. 

Enjoy! Have a great week!

The Versher Team