Choosing a profession as it relates to the gender pay gap

image: SafteyNet

image: SafteyNet

Often times, after taking time off from working outside the home, women think about "doing something else." We see a lot of resumes with years of experience in one industry with the individual behind that resume who wants to take her skills and put them to use in a different field. But where to begin? How do we choose an industry that will offer the best work-life balance while still offering a fair paycheck?

This article from Apres offers some advice and evidence that might help you fill in the gaps (pun intended!).

Flexible working is smart working

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Flexible working is smart working, according to Richard Branson. He understands that attracting top talent means you must think outside of the traditional workplace structure. Between phones, tablets, laptops, robots, we have created a corporate culture that expects you to answer emails, phone calls, tweets at all hours of the day, every day of the week. With that in mind, why not allow your employees the flexibility to better manage their work life with their private life?