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Flexible Workstyle: Global Issue

Check out this article from out of South Africa. The author, Phillipa Geard, gives presentations to company executives on how to retain skilled women, the value-add that women decision makers have within a company and how an organization can do this effectively. What struck me in reading this article is that in 2018 we still need professionals across the globe to educate The Corporate World on this matter. Thank you, Phillipa, on bringing the community of those that seek work-life balance closer together: we echo your mission!

What is Balance?

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We talk a lot about work-life balance. We read a lot more about work-life balance. Everyone is constantly striving for more balance in their lives it seems. There's bb cream and cc cream for achieving that perfect balance in our skin tone. There's barre classes to perfect the balance between stillness and cardio exercise. There are bars to eat that promise to deliver the necessary balance of nutrients. And of course, there is the fidget spinner that challenges us to balance a spinning gadget on our finger. And yet when I think about balance, I think of a seesaw and how it moves up and down and up and down as the weights on each side fight for equal pressure. Balance is not about achieving perfection, it's an internal tug-of-war between our time and...our time. As we fight to balance our careers with our children, our spouses, our parents, our friends, our pets, is there comfort knowing that the seesaw is going to move?

Welcome to the Versher community. We hope to bring you a weekly dose of stories from women like you who are on the quest for work-life balance: stories that make you laugh, provide insight or maybe stories that comfort you knowing you are not on this journey alone. What pushes you through your day when you have been up all night with a sick child? What puts a smile on your face when inside you are defeated and drained? Are you at your best early in the morning or are you hitting your stride late at night? We welcome your feedback and comments on the content and we look forward to strengthening the quality of your workstyle.

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Choosing a profession as it relates to the gender pay gap

image: SafteyNet

image: SafteyNet

Often times, after taking time off from working outside the home, women think about "doing something else." We see a lot of resumes with years of experience in one industry with the individual behind that resume who wants to take her skills and put them to use in a different field. But where to begin? How do we choose an industry that will offer the best work-life balance while still offering a fair paycheck?

This article from Apres offers some advice and evidence that might help you fill in the gaps (pun intended!).

Flexible working is smart working

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Flexible working is smart working, according to Richard Branson. He understands that attracting top talent means you must think outside of the traditional workplace structure. Between phones, tablets, laptops, robots, we have created a corporate culture that expects you to answer emails, phone calls, tweets at all hours of the day, every day of the week. With that in mind, why not allow your employees the flexibility to better manage their work life with their private life?